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Propping Design & Facade Retention

“The first problem in any design situation is to discover what the problem really is.”

At Secta we work in close conjunction with reputable propping suppliers.
Our designs are site specific and we offer a viable and cost effective range of building propping solutions to solve many “on site propping issue


  1. Temporary Support for Concrete, Masonry, Steel, Timber Structures, Damaged Floors and Failing Structures;
  2. Propping, Needling, Internal Framing and Bracing;.
  3. Underpinning, Structure Reinforcing;
  4. Formwork Reinforcing;
  5. Raking Shores and Panel Bracing;
  6. Slab Reinforcement;
  7. Bridge Reinforcement;
  8. Back Propping for Small to Large Crane Applications.